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Symfony2, Assetic, Twitter Bootstrap + Bootswatch

This is a quick’n’dirty guide for newcomers to symfony’s assetic and twitter bootstrap in conjunction with bootswatch. This is not a complete guide and reflects my own opinion only.

Quick terms:

  • Assetic is automated asset management and compilation, in this example it’s used to compile less files
  • less is used to compile a templateish CSS language into real CSS files your browser understands
  • Your advantages:
    • Easy color changes
    • One command to update your css
  • First, install nodejs. 
  • Configure bootstrap and jquery packages:


  • Add the following block to your config.yml and change the paths as explained in the comments.


  • Create a new build.less file and add the following stuff:

  •  Choose your favourite theme at and download both .less files per theme. Place them alongside in the same directory where you placed your build.less file.

Now you can run app/console assetic:dump to compile the less file into a css file, which you then can include using the usual twig fragment:

That’s it. If you’re getting any errors, I’m sorry: You need to find out yourself what’s going on. I’ve spend 3 hours to get the initial setup running. Guides I’ve followed or files I’ve looked at:

  • (I’m not using the bootstrap bundle, as I don’t currently see the need for it. This might change as soon as I’m using KnpPaginator, KnpMenu and symfony forms. I just left the bundle out because I had trouble getting it to work, the reason was that my nodejs setup was forked up).
  • The build scripts for bootswatch
  • The source for the Assetic Less filter (no, you can’t inject different less imports, hence the build.less encapsulation script above)