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MendelMax Build Log Part 2: Tapping the Extrusions

The alumnium extrusions need to be tapped. I first used a countersink to make tapping easier:

The result would look like this:

After that, the tap can easily be done. Make sure to blow all debris out and use some oil to cut it.

The result looks like this:


I also used the countersink a second time to make and used sandpaper to smoothen the hole.

The overall process took about 2 hours, roughly 5 minutes per hole.

MendelMax Build Log Part 1: Sourcing Parts

I decided a while ago to build my own 3D printer – it will eventually become a MendelMax, because it is said that it can reach print speads of an Ultimaker. The Ultimaker is the machine we got for our Hackerspace (RaumZeitLabor) – however, the Ultimaker isn’t a full RepRap project, because it relies on laser-cut parts which we can’t cut due to their size.

The MendelMax can be built for 500-600€, which is half the cost of an Ultimaker kit – thus it’s very attractive for me, also because the build is pretty sturdy since it uses aluminium extrusions.

So I started a while ago sourcing parts; the part list (Google Docs) of was pretty handy. The resulting part list is pretty much the same with some minor changes, the overall cost it lists right now is around 490€.

The build is expected to take about one month; mainly because I can’t afford the whole printer in one batch. So I started out with the frame and some printed parts and will proceed buying the rest of the stuff (stepper motors, belts, pulleys, extruder and heated bed) next month.

Now as I’m back from a hacker camp, some parts already have arrived, I’ll start cutting threads into the aluminium extrusions.