Tesco names wrong town on Kesgrave store poster

Tesco has been criticised on social media for a store poster that welcomes shoppers from a different town.

People in Kesgrave, Suffolk, questioned why their local store said it was serving “Ipswich’s shoppers” when, although it is just east of Ipswich, it is a town in its own right.

“It’s in Kesgrave, not within the Ipswich boundary, not in the Ipswich Borough Council area,” posted Carol Marsh on a local Facebook group.

Tesco said it would change the poster.

The area was recorded as Gressgrava in the 11th Century Domesday Book, and by the late 15th Century its name had become Kesgrave.

According to the Kesgrave Community Website, the parish council officially adopted the title of town in January 2000.

“Why does the new fascia at Kesgrave Tesco say serving Ipswich shoppers?” posted Ms Marsh on the Kesgrave Community Facebook group.

“I don’t expect many people travel from Ipswich to do their weekly shop there.”

Some responded in support of her post, saying: “We are not part of Ipswich.”

Another said: “Big companies where the ‘head office’ staff have no local knowledge make mistakes like this often.”

While others posted: “Because Kesgrave is the outa part of Ipswich??”

Tesco said: “We’re really proud to serve the Kesgrave community and we’re sorry that we’ve got the name wrong on our poster.

“We’re in the process of getting this changed and the new version will be in place soon.”