My friend is furious I only spent £10 on her baby gift as we’ve known each for years’

A woman has shared the uncomfortable incident that occurred between her and her partner’s friend after they gave the other woman a gift costing £10 for her baby shower

When it comes to giving gifts, not everyone can afford to splash the cash and they should not be judged or criticised for this.

But one woman has shared how she and her partner came under fire from a friend for ‘not spending enough money’ on a baby shower gift.

In an anonymous post on Reddit, the woman explained that her boyfriend’s old pal from high school is expecting and to mark the occasion she had a virtual baby shower.

As the man had been out of work and going through some financial hardships, his partner decided to only get a small gift for the pregnant woman, costing $13 (around £10).

But this apparently upset the friend and she is said to have called him up after the event to complain that he didn’t buy a pricier item.

On the Am I The A**hole forum, the woman wrote: “One of my boyfriend’s close friends from high school is having a baby. (We’re in our late 30s, so this is a long friendship). We were at her wedding last year, and we live in the same city so we periodically see her and her husband for dinner, board game nights, etc every few months or so. That said I am not particularly close with this person and have only met her a handful of times.

“She had a virtual baby shower and invited both my boyfriend and me. I was unable to make it due to another commitment, but he signed on and participated.

“Because he has been out of work for some time and money is tight, I bought a gift on behalf of both of us: a $13 pack of infant socks which I selected off the registry.”

She went on to say that she is making good money and that both the friend and her husband also do too.

“Normally for something like a wedding or another in-person event I would buy something that helps make up my individual per head cost of the event (meal expense, venue rental, etc) but since this was a virtual event there wasn’t much expense to cover and I didn’t feel the need to get something very lavish. The socks seemed cute and practical,” she continued to explain.

“A few days after the shower, this woman called my boyfriend upset, saying that she was hurt that he only gave her $13 socks despite their long friendship. She was unaware that he had been out of work and in a tight financial situation, but even if he had been working, is it appropriate behaviour to chew someone out for giving a less expensive gift?”

She finished the post by asking if she and her partner were in the wrong for giving a cheaper present.

More than 180 people have responded to the post, with many agreeing the mum-to-be was in the wrong, with some branding her “tacky” for confronting the couple.

One person replied: “Frankly, it’s tacky AF to solicit baby shower gifts when you’re financially secure.”

Another said: “It was on her registry. And who calls someone to tell them their gift wasn’t expensive enough?”

While a third wrote: “But she put this on her registry?? Like how ungrateful?? I really don’t like people who are very picky like that over gifts. Like I’m confused. She put it on there and you picked it. So what’s her problem? Did she expect you to buy the crib or stroller? Like girl get a grip. It’s your baby. People are supposed to buy you cute clothes or small items for your baby. The amount of money doesn’t matter. But again, SHE put the $13 dollar socks on the list. Like, am I missing something??”