How a ‘goofy’ photo at a fictional graveside became a viral sensation

The meme – which features actor Grant Austin next to the grave of comic book character Oliver Queen – shot to fame in 2020, yet it’s still doing the rounds on social media

The internet is flooded with memes but one that seems to pop up regularly is the popular image of actor Grant Austin next to the gravestone of fictional character, Oliver Queen.

The meme certainly makes the rounds on platforms such as Twitter with users putting their own humorous spin on the snap, but not everyone knows exactly where the picture originated from.

The culprit is the cast of the popular TV series, Arrow. The image shows Grant Austin who plays Barry Allen/Flash in the series, kneeling in front of the character, Oliver Queen’s grave.

As he’s kneeling, Austin is making a peace sign with his hand directly next to the grave.

The image was first posted on January of last year when fellow cast member, actor, Echo Kellum shared it to his Instagram account with the caption: “Literally the best cast and crew around! So much fun with these goof balls!”

While the original post has a mere 61,000 likes, it’s the prolific re-purposing of the snap as memes that has catapulted the graveside pic into the public view.

It was first shared on Reddit the same day of being posted, receiving 2,100 points (98 per cent upvoted) in less than three days. Since this initial re-share, the image went viral on Reddit.

The TV show followed the story of multi-millionaire, Oliver Queen, as he returns to his city to tackle the vigilante persona of Arrow, in order to fight crime and corruption.

Character Oliver Queen’s death was a shock to many viewers and fans after no less than eight seasons of being a pivotal character.

The infamous image still reminds super fans of the character’s death which proves to be a bit of a sensitive subject for some, but it does soften the blow, with a little hint of humour.