Monthly Archives: July 2015

OneTimeMail: Reducing mail for evaluating web services

When you sign up to a web service these days, you often only want to try things out. Vendors will usually send you emails, followed by special offers, how to use their products and so on.

I often tend to forget to cancel accounts, so my Inbox gets filled with many mails I have to manually sort and delete. In order to reduce the amounts of mail, I implemented a little filter rule to automatically filter mails for web services which I evaluate.

In order to do that, I follow the convention of adding -otm-<vendor> to the mail I’m registering at those web services. For example, if my email was, and I would want to sign up with Google, I would sign up with

As my mails are hosted at uberspace, I created a simply mailfilter rule:

Now all OneTimeMails are moved to a subdirectory of my inbox. I still can retrieve the mails if required (to click activation links for example), but my main Inbox is now cleaner.