Hacking and Living on Lanzarote: Day 0 and 1

Day 0

After a flight of only 4 hours I arrived at 8:30AM at Lanzarote Airport. I only got maybe two hours of sleep, but at least everything with my luggage was okay. We went shopping for food and checked out an abandoned building site which was supposed to become a tourist centre. In the evening, David cooked a nice meal and we were discussing plans on how to proceed.

Day 1

We started to dig a hole for a toilet at the place where we are currently staying to do a favor to the owner. The hole needs to be 2m deep, and we made like half a meter of progress. We made a nice time lapse video of it:

We then headed for an abandoned dam to see if it would be suitable to live in. We were hiking for an hour to reach the top of the mountain, and eventually got down to the dam. It was in pretty good shape, however, there isn’t much space inside the dam to use. We talked to a local who told us that there were actually people living inside the dam, and the police eventually came and threw them out.

We discussed a few ideas about how to get sponsorship and talked to a few other locals about opportunities to buy land.

In the evening, David cooked a nice meal and we set up syncthing in order to be able to share files without the need for an online connection.

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