Hacking and Living on Lanzarote: Day -2 and -1

B3pnrhaIMAEsitLThe last two days were pretty “straightforward”, so this is just a mini update. Packed my bags and I’m pretty sure I missed several important things. I’m sitting in the train heading for Frankfurt, where I have to switch trains to Frankfurt Airport. I’ll arive there approx 1:30 AM so I should have plenty of time for baggage check in – flight departures at 4:45 AM. Unfortunately my estimate for the baggage weight was too optimistic, so I had to leave a few things at home, including the solar battery, the panel, my multimeter and several minor stuff. As I’m heading for the congress on Dec 23rd, I should be able to bring the other stuff as well if I decide to continue with the Lanzarote adventure.

I expect that there will be some minor trouble at the airport regarding the electronics stuff and the Li-Ion batteries for my E-Cigarette as well as weight issues as my body scale isn’t that accurate. I pretty much maxed out the weight restrictions (20kg for the main bag and 6kg for the carry-on baggage. I also noticed that it’s pretty hard to follow all guidelines to put what item in which bag and I’m seriously thinking about creating a web app where you choose your bag contents and the app guides you what to put where, especially for potentially dangerous goods like Lead-Gel batteries as well as medicine. They are allowed on most airlines, but you might need to contact your airline before your flight and supply material safety datasheets. I know that there are websites where you can look stuff up, but it’s much easier to simply specify an item and get recommendations on what to do. For Lead-Gel batteries it’s important to protect the contacts against accidential shorts. Also I noticed that there’s no “how to ship stuff cheap from A to B” web app which guides you through the cheapest logistics company, otherwise I would have simply shipped the panel and batteries via a logistics carrier. Did you know that you can ship “letters” in a box format up to 500 grams pretty cheaply from Germany to almost anywhere in the world for about 3,45 Euro and up to 1 kg for 7 Euro? Maybe two interesting projects to realize.

  1. Tell me more about this 3,45/7,00-shipping…

    Vielleicht lässt sich so doch noch eine Plätzchen- und Lebkuchenversorgung sicherstellen, während ich im Ausland bin 😉

  2. Ah, coole Sache. Dankeschön!

    Viel Spaß auf Lanzarote!

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