Hacking and Living on Lanzarote: Day -3

I travelled from Berlin to my home town in order to pick up stuff for the Lanzarote trip. When I stepped out of the bus in Mannheim, my depression almost immediately kicked in. For me, this is a definite sign that the environment is not suitable for my further progress.

I was not sure if it would be a good idea to tell my mother that I’ll be on Lanzarote, but I eventually called her up. She’s for holiday on Fuerteventura, and was understandably confused about my plans. What’s not understandable is the immediate negative vibe she communicated to me. Instead of: “Sounds interesting, what are you doing there?” and wishing me good luck, she covered me with negative aspects of the idea, including missing medical treatment on Lanzarote (which is not true), that I should see my therapist before leaving and so on. I am pretty much sure that she will read this blog post sometime near in the future, but I’m not scared anymore. From every person I’ve told about the Lanzarote plans, I only got positive feedback so far, which confirms that I am on the right track.

What I failed to communicate to my mother is that hackers and nerds are different. We care for each other, and even due to the fact that I had to leave the hacker-hippie-flat in Berlin doesn’t mean that I’m mad with my former flatmates. The essence of us hackers is that we try new things, we explore and make the impossible possible. We communicate mostly open-minded and find new approaches and solutions. We build up huge camps with fast internet and 3000+ people camp every 2 years in the middle of nowhere. We organize the yearly Chaos Communication Congress for 4000+ people. We enable people to get internet access for free using the Freifunk project. We share our inventions, our procedures, our projects and our knowledge.

We are crossing the boundaries for the greater good. We are changing the world. Together. One small step at a time.

If you like to call that crazy, then I guess we are crazy. But it’s more likely that we have a different mind set.

  1. I am impressed by hackers like you. And I have too much of respect for all of you to call myself one – with one exception: I am something like a medical hacker using my peritoneum to replace my kidneys and still feeling well! So go for it! *fingercrossing for you*

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