Hacking and Living on Lanzarote – Day -5

I’m going to Lanzarote for working, hacking and a hopefully life-changing experience. If you’re following me on Twitter, you probably know about the awkward situation I’m in. I suffer from depression, I have left my family and I’m semi-homeless since two months and staying with friends since then. I had much time to think about my situation and came to several conclusions. I’m not going to list them except for one:

Don’t do what logic and society dictates – do what feels right.

I’ve listened to too many people giving too many false advices, simply because they believe that their lifestyle fits me. I mostly followed their advice without using my own brain. And believe me – that felt very very wrong. I was raised to follow other peoples advice, and I’m changing that since 2010 – since I joined RaumZeitLabor. I learned to accept that I am an individual, a thinker, maker and hacker. I also learned that I need to ask for help and to communicate with people to find creative solutions to problems.

As it’s hard to host people for extended periods of time, I have to move out of my hosts in Berlin. One solution would be to continue couchsurfing, but thanks to Sam, I learned about projects which hosts hackers to hack, work and colaborate on projects and get new views on life and the future of humanity.

One of those projects is totalism.org and the CHT, who hosts a hacker community on Lanzarote. The upcoming season consists of building up an entire community, preferably off-the-grid with own power generators and a water treatment plant. This might sound quite as an adventure, and you’re right: It will be. But I’m not scared anymore, and I want to learn on how to deal with new situations and challenges.

Right now I’m looking for flights and planning what I need to bring, including medication, clothes, solar panels and inverters etc. The flight costs somewhere between 60€ and 100€. The cost for CHT is estimated to be around 400€ per month, which can probably be reduced. If you are able to financially support the project, please donate here.

Stay tuned for hopefully regular updates.

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