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We need more troubleshooters for 31c3 (and other big chaos events as well)

This is a small personal review of the 30c3. I realized that the congress (and other big chaos events as well) need more troubleshooters – that is, angels that take responsibility for minor problems and willing to solve them.

Update: jz pointed out that your troubleshooter for all concerns is heaven (DECT 1023), even for minor tasks. So this blog post is mostly obsolete, but kept as-is for reference. However, you (as an angel) still may want to take responsibility to call heaven when you spot a problem which you can’t solve.

While I was not able to attend the congress as I had planned to due to a cold, I did 4 hours of NOC Helpdesk as well as other minor tasks. During that, here is a small list of items which occurred:

  • (unconfirmed) It appeared that some switches (if not all) had ports 1-4 reserved for NAT64, which was not labeled on the switches themselves.
  • The NOC Helpdesk did not have enough seating for the 4 angels assigned to the NOC helpdesk shifts
  • The NOC Helpdesk didn’t have pens, paper and a list of contacts to call (like the NOC itself). This was partially solved
  • Each Colo Server should have a set of contact information (name, DECT/GSM number, departure date, IP address). People put the labels onto by themselves with missing information, until we realized that a printed form would be a better idea (that also decreased setup time for each Colo server)
  • People were going up to the Colo by themselves, without being aware of that they need to report to the NOC helpdesk prior putting their servers up (solved by putting up some signs which said something like “YOU SHOULDN’T BE HERE, REPORT TO THE NOC HELPDESK”)
  • At least one person reported that the WIFI access data should be put up as signs all over the congress (aka you can use any Username/Password combination and which WiFi does what), especially as the wiki was down (was not solved AFAIR, but couldn’t solve it myself due to the cold)
  • A local wiki mirror should have been put up, as it was down several times

All those items listed required that some angel stepped up and took care of it (=responsibility).

This might also go wrong in some cases; in my case, I opened the door for the NOC to the Colo with some lockpicking tricks (the person with the key to the colo was asleep) and I was “caught” by a security angel. I tried to explain the situation, however, even saying that this was for the NOC and he should call the NOC to resolve the issue was ignored. Yes, I probably shouldn’t have opened the door and instead calling somebody, but that wasn’t obvious to me in that situation. So yes, taking responsibility for things sometimes goes horribly wrong and you might end up with wrong decisions.

But again, we need more angels who not only do what they’re told to do, but who do take responsibility and willing to resolve problems (or do improvements) as they appear. After the congress experience (and, of course, the OHM2013 experience where I acted as emergency toilet cleaner/soap/toilet paper refiller), I really feel that there’s a big need for angel problem solvers – maybe not only within their shifts, but in general. This will make the congress more enjoyable for everyone.

Probably there should be a team of “troubleshooters”, which takes care of any “interdisciplinary” issues occurring. That team should also be walking around and ask angels doing shifts what could be improved – because often, angels can’t leave their posts to solve those issues.