Monthly Archives: July 2013

SolarWind updates: MPPT, Carambola2

During the past month, I mainly concentrated on combining my CurrentMonitor with a DIY MPPT charge controller. Work is done at the CurrentMonitor repository.

My design goals for the MPPT charge controller are:

  • 10A (sufficient to cover 250W panels)
  • MPPT charge controller acts as an I²C slave
    • It can be configured via I²C
    • Values like power consumption or power harvested can be queried via I²C as well
    • The MPPT doesn’t have a user interface or LCD by default
  • Uses APR/ATC/ATO blade fuses instead of solar fuses due to the reduced cost (and regular glass fuse holders only are widely available up to 6.3A)
  • +12V Output can be disconnected via software
  • Additional +3.3V 800mA output which also can be disconnected via software

Below is a picture of the prototype, which is likely to heavily change.

IMG_20130716_002117 IMG_20130716_002108