Autonomous WLAN Router Experiment: Part 3 – Up and Running

After hacking the software for the CurrentMonitor, I finalized the case as well as the wiring. I’ve built a frame which holds the solar cell at 33°. I might need to move the cell to get the best performance, but I already got 300mA out of it when the sky was cloudy. I’m curious which performance I’ll get on a sunny day.

I also held a talk at RaumZeitLabor (Slides) and I implemented a cosm feed to publish all data of the cell. If you have questions, contact me.

Solar Powered Router CaseSolar Powered Router: Panel



  1. Hi,
    how do you limit voltage coming out of solar panel?

    I have a problem that same CMP12 regulator burns out my battery becaues solar panel can give out up tp 20V but anything over 14V will damage my battery.

    • In my setup, I never noticed that the CMP12 delivers more than 14.4V to my battery. Maybe your unit is faulty?

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