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systemd on Debian Wheezy: Getting Started

I decided to hop onto the systemd boat – mainly because I want to have several services started once I unlock my crypto disks. I am aware of that several methods [1] [2] of remote unlocking exist; however, they aren’t supported by Debian and I don’t wish to fiddle around with critical services too much.

After reading quite some articles about systemd, those questions came up:

  • What needs to be done after installing systemd and booting the machine with it?
  • As it is a remote machine, can I get it booted into a state where I can remotely access it?
After quite much reading, I rebooted the machine and realized: The systemd developers have thought of this – they’re simply loading the old init scripts as the old-style init would do. That way, I was able to remotely access my machine as I did previously.
After grabbing the .service files from metager, I quickly realized that the systemd version doesn’t support RequiresMountFor, which I wanted to ues to start samba as soon as the box boots up – damn!
Seems I have to wait until a more recent version is available.