2012-12-13 Diary of a Nerd: Buying snacks and cleaning up

Dear Diary,

our hackerspace is hungry and it’s hungry for sweets and snacks. Because of that, some people went to Metro to spend 200€. That way, we finance the hackerspace partially by sales of snacks.

Unfortunately, we noticed that quite some products we already had in stock had an expired “Best Before”-date. So an one hour shopping trip resulted in an additional 3 hour stocktaking session in order to remove expired products. Additionally, we added small stickers with the expire date of the new products printed onto them, so we can go through the stock once a month and expunge expired products – people usually don’t look at “Best Before”-dates when buying stuff from the snack bar.
Also, we’re receiving quite lots of construction material for the second room – however, that second room is full with stuff (mistaken for storage). Thanks to the help of some hackerspace colleauges, we were able to make room for all the construction materials which are arriving tomorrow.

So long,

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