ASM-2 and PolyDAC PCBs arrived

Today, the PolyDAC and ASM-2 PCBs arrived. It took nearly 4 weeks from Australia to Germany, but I can’t blame Elby Designs for that – it’s just the way things are for non-courier shipment. if you want to order the boards, ask Elby Designs if they can ship via courier service, so it would be faster.

About the board quality: It is brilliant. When I have first seen the PolyDAC, I wanted to produce it myself, I even had the board layouts ready. But then I’ve seen the ASM-2 and I wanted that, too, so I ordered both boards. Elby Designs were nice and put the AD8300 for free inside, as this part is hard to source in Germany.

Things I like most about the boards:

  • Build quality is amazing. Produced by a professional manufacturer, with very solid vias in place.
  • They actually considered DIY builders, and have options to mount different parts in the same spot (see below)
Conclusion: If you are planning to build something that Elby has in stock – order their PCBs (can’t tell about the kits, tough). Quality is brilliant and well thought.
You can actually mount a regular crystal with two capacitors instead of the crystal oscillator. This is very handy as there are no crystal oscillators available in germany which would fit the footprint – only the wide ones. Only thing which needs to be adjusted is the AVR fuse setting to use a regular crystal.
You can mount both in-line and molded versions of transistors. Neat, no more bending!
You can use precision trim potentiometers in both 64W and 64Y style. Neat!
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