Modular Synth PSU

When I started the modular synth PSU, I was quite a bit confused about which PSU I should use.

After quite some research, things turned out simple: What you need is a symmetric PSU, and depending on which module format you use, you either need a 15-0-15 V (for +/-12V) or a 18-0-18V (for +/- 15V) transformer.

I’ve already built a PSU (designing, etching and placing components) which cost about 20 Eur without the transformer – and right after I was finished, I found a symmetric PSU kit (K8042)  from Vellemann, which is only about 12 Eur. Note that you need a heat sink if you draw quite some power from the PSU; but it is only a few euros. If you need more voltage precision, just drop in two 2,5k 25-turn precision potentiometers. There is absolutely no need to re-invent the wheel unless you have very specific requirements for your symmetric PSU. I guess I’ll buy and use the Vellemann one for the modular synth, and my etched one for testing.


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